Clearing the cache from Kodi every once in awhile (depending on normal use say every 2 weeks.) is a good way to prevent slow downs or other issues if you do not have them already. This can be done in about a minute following the steps below.
Step 1.
From the home screen select add-ons. 
Step 2. 
Select Program Add-ons then select Indigo
Select Indigo
Step 3.
Select Maintenance Tools
Step 4.
Select Cache Size: xx.xx – Click To Clear . A pop up window will appear select clear.

You can do the same for Packages Size: xx.xx – Click to Clear which is old updates for the add-ons. And also clear the thumbnails is an option but not necessary.
Step 5.
Exit out of Kodi and turn your TV box off for 30 seconds. Then reboot it and Enjoy. ;)